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The Big Begonia RevivalBegonias are back in fashion!
According to Michael Perry, Thompson & Morgan’s new development manager, begonias are enjoying a comeback. No longer seen as chintzy and old-fashioned, begonias have become indispensable in our modern climate of unpredictable summers and wet winters.

We’ve decided to launch The Big Begonia Revival for 2014. We want to make the gardening nation as passionate as we are at Thompson & Morgan about growing begonias. Many of our best-selling plants over the years have been begonias. 2014 will see the launch of some exciting new breeding developments, but it’s not all about new varieties, we want to celebrate the wide range of varieties that are already available. Whether you are looking for fragrance, versatility, colour, a long-flowering window box or just simply stunning blooms in your garden, then begonias are for you.

The Big Begonia Revival aims to showcase the best of the best begonias. Over the next few months we’ll be highlighting the latest in begonia breeding, our horticultural experts’ growing tips, hands-on advice from our customer trial panel, competitions to get the nation growing begonias and much, much more. Watch this space!

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