I think I am like a lot of people who were put off begonias at an early age.  To be frank, I have killed a lot of begonias in my time and had come to view them as finicky and sensitive things that were not worth the bother. I had long-since crossed them off my ‘to-grow’ list when I was sent some begonias by Thompson and Morgan to trial, some ‘Apricot Shades’ and another mix of various colours.  I was not hopeful, but I planted them into pots and hoped for the best.


They flowered and flowered and flowered.  They were amazing and won me over totally, especially the ‘Apricot Shades‘ which I cannot recommend highly enough.  Then the question of Winter loomed on the horizon, could I keep them alive over the cold months?

Growing begonias - where do you start?

When the first frosts arrived I moved them into the greenhouse and kept them pretty much dry.  When the weather began to warm up the following Spring I started to water them again; then I waited,  and then suddenly the first shoot appeared.  They had survived and I was delighted.  They flowered again for a whole new season and come the next Winter I confidently put them back into the greenhouse.


Have they come up again this year? Of course they have and I am now even more of a begonia convert.


Alison Levey