Customer review - begonia 'Inferno'

It should be fairly obvious by now that we love begonias! But it’s not just us. We received a lovely customer review recently about begonia ‘Inferno™’.

This delightful begonia was introduced into the Thompson & Morgan range in 2010 and has since become a customer favourite. There’s so much that’s great about it: it grows quickly and gives almost instant coverage, it’s low maintenance and needs no deadheading, and it thrives in any weather.

Begonia ‘Inferno™’ is perfect for containers, hanging baskets and Flower Pouches™, and here’s what our customer Wendy Willcock had to say about it:

“My porch is north facing and these begonia ‘Inferno™’ plants have been amazing all summer. The hanging basket begonia in its second year. It hung in the greenhouse all winter and dried out gradually, so I was pleased when I saw new shoots in spring. The greenhouse was lined with bubble plastic.

The placed basket (made by my husband many years ago) contained new plants from Thompson & Morgan this year. It contained 5 begonias and to maintain its balance it needed regular turning. I loved the result and begonias will go on to be my plant of choice for years to come. It’s in the greenhouse now and hopefully it will survive the winter. This basket had always been planted with busy Lizzies and did look stunning as it formed more of a ball shape, but I was so disappointed with their sudden deterioration, I am now put off them.”

Customer review - begonia 'Inferno'