According to Michael Perry, Thompson & Morgan’s new development manager, begonias are back in fashion. No longer seen as chintzy and old-fashioned, begonias have become indispensable in our modern climate of unpredictable summers and wet winters.

Begonias are back in fashion!

Begonia ‘Organdy’ Mixed

Begonias are so versatile now, thanks to modern breeding techniques. They can be grown in sun or shade, in borders, beds or patio pots and in hanging baskets or window boxes.

They are incredibly adaptable to changing weather conditions; putting up with heavy rain as well as scorching sun – they’re guaranteed to keep blooming whatever the British weather throws at them. At the company’s trial grounds near its Ipswich headquarters, Thompson & Morgan’s trials manager, Sarah Curtis, noted that many begonia varieties started to flower in June and were still blooming at the beginning of November! “Begonias have one of the longest flowering periods of any plant”, she says, “they just keep on going!”

Begonias are also coming into their own in the wake of the problems that gardeners have experienced over the past few years with busy Lizzies. Busy Lizzie plants have been devastated by downy mildew, but begonias have shown themselves to be perfect replacements in beds, borders and pots.

Thompson & Morgan is very proud of its large range of begonias and will be showcasing some of its top-selling varieties as well as its customers’ favourites over the next few months.