Michael Perry asked his Facebook followers exactly what they thought of begonias, and he got back some very honest answers! Some LOVE them, while others HATE them; if you’re part of the latter, then we urge you to try them. You might be a little bit surprised…


Darran Jaques: Love begonias, stand up to sun and semi shade with a wide range of colours, stature and form. One of my favourites is B. bonfire for its cascading habit and quantity of flowers. The main draw back, can become top heavy, quite fragile planted in an exposed position or by a path. Due to the vast quantity of flowers they produce this inevitably leads a lot of fallen flowers in the area. Lastly, vine weevils seem to love them.

Rosie Lindy Robertson: I love them!! They seem to survive whatever the British weather throws at them.

Dave Gould: I love begonias as they were amongst my godmother’s favourite flower, along with geraniums. Will long remember her garden looking so wonderful and the times I spent doing the basic work in the garden, during my summer hols.

Hazel Lawes: Love the big bright blousy flowers!

Drusilla Cole: Slugs don’t eat them… and they’re pretty!

Sue Appleton: They’re very reliable & long lasting & the slugs & snails don’t seem to like them which is a big bonus in my garden!

Bet Middleton Grady: Hate when they hide there beautiful flower under the leaves when they first come into flower

Gary Wright: I can’t keep them. I can other things. I think it’s the summer they don’t like.

Ravi Lal: When they fall over and become top heavy …

Vee Mason: I intensely dislike them! Gaudy and reminiscent of grandparents’ 1970s bungalow garden! #makesmeshudder

Christine Barbara Taylor: Absolutely love my begonias! It’s the first year I’ve grown them! I bought the bulbs from T&M, fed them with Richard Jackson’s super plant food… they’ve been a real joy, fabulous vibrant flowers, large green beautiful leaves, grown some in pots, hanging baskets and in the flower bed..stunning displays all summer and still looking gorgeous !!

Michael's Facebook begonia survey

Sue Anderson: Love begonias but hate it when the stem breaks while you’re trying to tie a support to it and the bloom falls off.

Karen Howden: I love the apricot ones in my baskets. They are so bright and cheerful but this year I lost neatly every one. I did the same as normal but I didn’t get one basket. I am not keen on the singles but adore doubles.

David Wyndham Lewis: Only this year did I discover how fantastic the scent is on the scented ones.