In a recent poll at RHS Garden Wisley, 2000 visitors were asked to name their favourite begonias.

Thompson & Morgan was thrilled to hear that three of the varieties in its begonia range were voted among the favourites!

In the first category Begonia Semperflorens Cultorum Group planted in borders, ‘Volumia Rose Bicolour’ came first and ‘Whopper Mixed’ came third. Begonia ‘Volumia Rose Bicolour’ has attractive white blooms that are blushed with rose pink. The colour changes in intensity depending on the temperature!

Begonia 'Volumia Rose Bicolour' is nation's favourite!

Begonia ‘Volumia Rose Bicolour’

Begonia ‘Whopper Mixed’ grows much bigger than other begonias and will quickly fill gaps in your beds and borders. It’s also an invaluable patio plant, where the sumptuous blooms will spill over containers for a dramatic display.

Begonia 'Volumia Rose Bicolour' is nation's favourite!

Begonia ‘Whopper Mixed’

In another category, Begonias planted in containers and hanging baskets, begonia ‘Peardrop’ came out on top. With its sherbert shades of pink, yellow and peach, ‘Peardrop’ is very eye-catching in containers and flowers for up to 6 months of the year!

Begonia 'Volumia Rose Bicolour' is nation's favourite!

Begonia ‘Peardrop’

The poll was carried out as part of RHS Garden Wisley’s People’s Choice Initiative, which aims to raise the profile of selected plant groups, such as begonias. RHS Trials Development Manager Mark Heath said: “Begonias are wonderfully versatile plants that can sometimes get overlooked and may be undervalued. That’s why the RHS, breeders and growers wanted to celebrate their qualities and encourage visitors to take the time to marvel at these wonderful plants.”